Thank you for your interest in the GAMEPLAN Study!

GAMEPLAN stands for Gastrointestinal And Metabolic Effects from a Prebiotic, Lifting, and Aerobic iNtervention. The GAMEPLAN Study is a research project aimed to study the relationship between diet, exercise, the gut microbiome, and health. There are three contributing labs apart of this study: Nutrition and the Human Microbiome Lab; Body Composition and Nutritional Neuroscience Laboratory; and The Nutrition and Exercise Performance Research Group.

The study is completed over the course of 7 weeks inside and outside of the laboratory at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana. We are looking for men and women between the ages of 20-45 years to participate and contribute to our project. To learn more about the study please visit the study description page.

If you are interested in participating in the study, please contact us.

Study Description

The study consists of a 6-week period where you will come in to Freer Hall three times per week to participate in a supervised exercise program. You will also consume a daily supplement, which you will mix into water at breakfast.

In addition to the exercise training sessions, you will be asked to visit the lab two times over the course of the study (2 hours per visit) to complete questionnaires, bone density scans, computer tasks, and blood draws. You will also provide fecal samples at the beginning and end of the 6-week period.

Contact Information


Phone: 217-300-3523

Location: Freer Hall