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Graduate Student Positions
Prospective students interested in joining The Nutrition and Human Microbiome Laboratory are encouraged to send a letter of interest and CV or resume to Dr. Holscher, and to apply for entry into graduate programs within the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition or the Division of Nutritional Sciences. Students who join the team will have numerous opportunities to obtain experience in teaching, research, and the requisite writing and presentation skills needed to develop as an independent investigator. Graduate student applications will be considered throughout the year. However, prospective students should review graduate program-specific funding deadlines, as opportunities for funding differ at specific time points.

MS & PhD positions available beginning Summer or Fall 2016.

Undergraduate Research
The Nutrition and Human Microbiome Laboratory is currently looking for undergraduate students to contribute to clinical research. Undergraduate researchers will have the opportunity to be involved in all phases of research: conducting dietary interviews, analyzing nutrition data, preparing menus and meals, sample collection, and laboratory analyses. Additional opportunities for bench top work and/or computational handling of big data are options for interested students. All necessary training will be provided.

We are currently accepting students who will be committed for at least one year, including summer. Four to six hours/week (flexible scheduling) are required for each hour of graded research credit during the fall and spring.

Interested individuals should send their CV or resume to Sharon Thompson.