Walnut Study


Thank you for your interest in the Walnut Study!

The Walnut Study is a research project aimed to study the relationship between walnut consumption, the gut microbiome, and health.

The study is completed over the course of 15 weeks inside and outside of the laboratory at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana. We are looking for men and women between the ages of 30-60 years old to participate and contribute to our project. Adults must not be allergic to nuts, wheat, or eggs. Additional exclusion criteria apply.

Study Description

The study consists of a complete feeding trial for 15-weeks. We will provide you with meals and snacks for each of the intervention periods for a total of 9 weeks. You will visit the laboratory weekly to pick up meals and have a dinner meal with us each weekday in our Metabolic Kitchen.

In addition to the meal consumption, you will be asked to visit the lab three times over the course of the study (7 hours per visit) to complete questionnaires, bone density scans, and blood draws. You will also provide 3 urine samples and 7 fecal samples. Participants can receive up to $1,000 after study completion.

Contact Information

Email: marinab2@illinois.edu

Phone: 217-300-3523

Location: Freer Hall and Edward R. Madigan Laboratory